Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It is Finished

ok, if anyone reads this which apparently I am not interest enough to attract readers I just finished my masters and posted my final thesis late on Sunday night. Yesterday was given to doing not much of anything since I was plain worn out. 14 months of working full time and taking accelerated masters classes ( 6 weeks each class) one month of not working and just conentrating on school has done me in. I am exhausted from all the stress. Also the stress of losing my job with no prospects in sight. I have been sending out resumes long before I found out I was having my position eliminated and had only the one nibble I posted here about. Yes I am a bit worried with Michigans econonomy and lack of jobs with so many out of work. I can't relcocate because we can't sell our house Foreclosures are running rampant here in the state and buyers are having a field day picking up houses for half of what they are worth.

So that is my tale and I am off today to get some work done. Not sure what I will tackle yet but something will get done. I washed a few windows yesterday and deep cleaned the kitchen floor (it needed it). I have been giving it lite treatments of sweeping and mopping up the heavy traffic areas but not moving things and cleaning so now that I am not working and have no studying or writing to do for school the heavy stuff is getting done.