Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New things dyed.

I did finally do some dyeing. Tomorrow I will experiment with making a gold dye out of some dark yellow and light brown. I found the way to do it on teh Ritz Dye page.

I got the nicest compliment today from a blog author who I had visited and decided to become a follower to. She returned the favor by following my blog. Heavens know that I don't always post a lot or frequently but perhaps I should start taking things (blogging) seriously at least for my dyeing jobs and stitching.

Here is the newest dye job on the left. I used wine colored dye and a spray bottle. Tomorrow I will try sponging a color over a dyed color. I have been wanting to do a type of autumn dye theme so I will make the gold color and then sponge orange on it in spots. At least if I don't like it or it doesn't turn out I can redye it again.