Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have been dyeing again.

Yes today I dyed some more fabric. This is for an exchange that I am in so I hope the individual will like it. I also dyed some floss in the same colors. I did like the way the floss turned out. I used kelly green and dark green both rit dyes. I have plenty left and I love the color combination but next time I believe that I will take the center of the fabric and use the rubber band method and dip it into the dye then rinse it and after all that take the rubber bands off. I believe that the deffination of the color will be much better than it is when I used the foam brush. What I should have done was sponge on the color instead of trying to paint it on. I need more experimentation with different techniques.
The colors on my monitor are not quite right I think cause I see some purplish hues in the fabric and there is none when I look at it. Perhaps I need to take pictures of things more so than scanning them.