Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Aunts Anniversary is coming up

My most favorite aunt's (second mother) anniversary of her death due to lung cancer is this Friday November 6, 2009. She passed away at the age of 64 and she was my moms youngest sister. A late in life baby born to my grandmother in the 40's was only 9 years older than me. I loved her so much and I miss her more. I have been searching for a lung cancer cross stitch pattern for a year now with no luck. Everyone is into breast cancer as they should be but what about the rest.

I just lived through my sons death anniversary. He's been gone for 12 years now and this week in November is very rough for me. Everyone that I have loved, my son, my aunt, my dad are gone now and I am missing them all very much. A tribute piece to my Aunt Carolyn would be a wonderful thing for me to work on and give to my mom.