Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Samplers and such freecycling again.

Today I am placing on my blog some sampler patterns that I got from a freecycler.  They will come to you just as I received them.  I cannot do the fancy stitches that these require.  I prefer the much easier cross stitch, back stich and sometimes black work.  So the first offering is: (drum roll)

Winter Hearts by Shephers Bush and it is the complete kit, with floss, linen and directions.  It still has the price sticker on it of 39.95.  I dont know how old it is but it was in the linen material that I got from the free cycler.  All of this that will be displayed on my blog in the next few days are from this free cycle haul and they belonged to the free cycler's mother who passed away last year.  Those of you who got patterns and such form me last time know about this larger haul I got back in September or October well this is the same person.  I believe that all the threads are in the package etc as I said you will recieve the items just as I did.

Now, to claim this shepherds bush pattern just place a comment in the comment section on my Blogger blog only.  Thats where I will get the names of those of you who are interested in this  kit.  Only one entry per person and please give me your email so I can let you know if you have won.  No email, no name in drawing.
Anyway good luck and here is the scan of the front.