Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I usually refrain from any comments regarding politics, however today I am totally angry at the U.S. Government.  This includes the House, the Senate, and the President that I voted for.  Yes I voted him in so I have the right to complain.  They are playing games with the American People at the very least.  The President is telling us to live within our means?  How terrible is that.  I have been unemployed for over a year now.  Yes there have been jobs but not in my field.  The employment numbers have risen due to manufacturing and construction jobs.  But not much in the office or human resources areas for me.

How dare they suggest that we are not living within our means.  I only get 120.00 per week (roughly) unemployment a week.  We cannot pay all our bills.  We have had to get commodity foods etc. for the past month.  Unemployment made a mistake in figuring my money from last summer and now I owe them 3 grand that I am paying back out of my meager unemployment.  We have bill collectors calling all the time.  One credit card company put a lien on our house for a thousand that is owed to them.  Not so bad really we just cant sell the house without paying them off.   Not a big deal really we can't sell our house here.  We owe more on the house that it's now worth.  It was appraised at that and then the economy went sour and the state keeps lowering the value on the house.  They lowered it another thousand dollars just this year.

And, these government officials do not take a pay cut nor a benefits cut and they dare to tell us how to live?  Perhaps they are right in that some people living on government programs may be living above their means but  the vast majority of us are not.  These politicians are telling us that they will not sell us out they don't even know who we are and what we need.  How dare they presume to tell us how to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read this article and see if your as incensed about things as I am.  Don't get me wrong I know spending cuts need to be made but why don't they take some cuts instead of on the middle class and poor Americans backs all the time.  They have huge salaries, lifetime money (retirement) and lifetime paid health care.  SO TOTALLY UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!