Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday 1-12-13

It is Saturday right?  The days just sort of blend together anymore.  Grandson is sick with the flu of course and missed his schooling yesterday.  So we will start again on Monday.  Daughter is out side cleaning the van, washing it and bringing in the Christmas decorations we had out this year.  We didn't have much couldn't seem to get interested in doing the decorating it might have gone better without this broken leg.  I am on my second month with it.  I hate being confined.  I can't go into our living room because of the steps down and up.  I hope Tuesday brings good news.  I am going to put up some pictures today of things I have been doing.

These are the pictures of the afghan I have made for our eldest or should I say my eldest.  He is my stepson but he is more like my son.  I can turn to him for things but hes busy with his life too.  Hopefully we will stay in touch now that his Dad is gone.  Grandson just loves his uncle S and his other uncle S.

Working on some stitching too but not quite ready to show it.  Need to do more work on it today.
I have the radio on through the computer.  I really truly miss my stereo.  I  had two foot wooden speakers and they boomed if I let them.  I do miss it.  Seems iPods and I pads and the rest have taken over for music playing but they do not compare to an excellent stereo.  Maybe I should look in pawn shops perhaps I can find one that works with the speakers that I want.  So I can turn it up and here it all over the house.  LOL.  Neighbors beware if I should find one.  I miss my music I use to have it on all the time when I was working we had a stereo that had speakers all over the office.