Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I am still having up and down days.  I thought that moving would help resolve them but not yet.  I am still on edge and having a difficult time relaxing.  Sleep is somewhat better but not as good as it could be.  I wake up several times during the night and wake up always early in the morning like around 5  or 5:30 am.  Its a drag as I am usually tired during the day but wont let myself sleep since I am having such a rotten time of sleeping anyway.

Alex is doing well in school he is back in OLS classes instead of unique as he was doing so well and very bored with the unique group work.

I am having difficulty in making ends meet and I wish my crochet items would sell but not having much luck with that.  I have an esty shop and a Zibbet shop but I guess I don't know how to sell or draw attention to my things or people just have no interest in what I am making.  I am now currently working on some socks and trying to learn Tunisian crochet.  My Tunisian crochet always rolls up not sure why I am making a real effort to keep the stitching loose.  I still want to learn to knit lace shawls and scarves.  But none of my shawls are selling.  Sigh and they are so pretty too.

I have sales going on Ebay right now selling off more of my counted cross stitch material that I was going to keep for myself but I need the money for Christmas Presents since my crochet isn't selling.  Maybe some day I will be able to purchase more of the material for myself but that will be in the future.  I will have to make do with material purchased from JoAnns or Michaels..

I am not on the computer much as we are trying to keep the electric costs down.  Since we moved we are not on the budget plan with the local light and water company so it gets expensive to keep the computer on especially when alex needs his on all day for school.  In a year we will be able to get on the budget plan here in the new house.

We are settling in ok.  We still have so much stuff in boxes that we don't have room for but the kids won't part with things.  Its their past and I truly understand especially since their father/papa gave them things but sheesh we need more room.  I never realized how large the old house was until I moved in here to the smaller house.  We have given lots of stuff away to the local goodwill too but I need more storage shelves i think to try and organize things better so we can find things.  I did find my set of Christmas dishes that I purchased years ago.  We only need the one set now since there is only the 3 of us and Mom.  I sold my other set last summer at rummage sales trying to get rid of unnecessary things.  We still need to consider downsizing more for sure.

I am crocheting some socks currently so we will see how that goes and pictures may be forthcoming.