Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Christmas has come and gone.  So much fuss for something that is over so fast but I love the kids opening their presents.  I also love the look on their faces when they open something that they really wanted.

I have been shunned by all of my late husbands kids.  I never thought that the oldest one would ignore me but he did.  Not a call did I receive on Christmas, Thanksgiving, when I was in the hospital with my knee replacement, and on Halloween the day my husband died.  I guess I do not have the family that I thought I had.

I had a girl friend come over for Christmas Dinner with the kids and Mom she would have been alone on Christmas afternoon so she came to my house for dinner and some presents.  I hope she had a great time as she is having issues with one of her kids and was down about it.  I so enjoyed having her with me.  Once my Mom has passed on I will have friends who don't have anywhere to do on Christmas come over for dinner.  The more the merrier.  I will fix turkey then again.  My mother does not like turkey so we have a roasting chicken and dressing for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I will learn to make her cranberry salad as I love it.  My dressing is fabulous and sweet potatoes roasted as well.

Now on to New Years I have no one special to share it with nor any place to go.  I will watch Michigan State University Spartans take on Alabama in the cotton bowl on New Years Eve and maybe the rose bowl on New Years day otherwise its just a day.

I am making some jewelry again now that I can sit at my desk for longer periods of time.  My left knee healed nicely but still is painful if I walk to much on it.  Cant wait for spring so that I can start walking and loose more weight.

I am working on the cross stitch sampler again.  Its to represent my husband and its almost done.  I think I will but his initials on it and make a pillow out of it for my day bed.  I so want a full size bed but cant afford it.