Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well today was a very nice day. The bird came out well, the stuffing was excellent, and Father and Daughter got along for most of the day. It was a peaceful enjoyable dinner time. Mom took home her fair share of leftovers so she wont have to cook for the week or at least 5 days she said. I got a few pictures but not of the dinner table as I was planning to. I forgot can you imagine that.

I miss Dad and Josh on these days. There is such a hole in my life with those missing. But every holiday dinner we place two candles on the table each one represents one of the missing pieces of our family and we celebrate with them with us in spirit. I would love to believe that their spirits are with us but I wonder. It would be nice to know that they are here and watching us.

Got some pictures afterwards though and tomorrow the tree goes up, the village comes out, as well as the other decorations. I remember 10 years ago I hated celebrating christmas and slowly over the years my heart has gotten back into it. Grandson has helped a lot with renewing my zest for life. Seeing our oldest the past week did wonders for me as well. He is such a great kid and his mom I am sure is very proud of him. I know I am and so is his Dad.

I have subbed into a new group from facebook its only for moms all ages of moms and its called cafemom.

and its pretty cool. Found a couple of message boards that interested me so I joined.

It snowed today and the snow is still ont he ground. Not much just barely covered the grass. But the blow up Santa and sleigh are having issues and we must fix them soon. Hopefully tomorrow. I have to weight in at weight watchers and then get my computer glasses fixed. No shopping for me this weekend. But here the retailers are not even putting on holiday help. The sales are posting prices really low. I am sure that most of you all know that Michigan is hurting bad. Our economy is rotten, jobs are scarce and foreclosures are higher than any time prior. So many out of work loosing their houses, insurance coverages, and such. Some day I will leave this wrenched state. Heading south I hope. Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. It just really sucks.

I will post pictures regarding the decorating too here. I hope you all had a terrific turkey day and have plenty of leftovers for the weekend.