Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Its Snowing

Well today was grocery day. I hate grocery shopping so we only do it once a month. Of course we need milk etc throughout the month. Otherwise I buy everything that we need for the month. I have done a few christmas gifts already. On black Friday I stayed home and got free shipping and no tax online for several peoples gifts. I got a certain young man in DC his gift too now all I have to do is remember to mail it in time.

I have some games ordered and received for the 10 year old here and some things for hubby and daughter. Got my mom a new coffee pot and maybe a cd player clock that she thinks she needs. Unfortunately, there just isnt much to get her she has most everything she needs. OH yeah, she needs a new pair of black slacks too.

For myself, I already had the best christmas present of all. The young man in DC visited us the week before Thanksgiving and that was the most perfect gift of all. I haven't gotten to see him in so long and he is just wonderful. But then arn't we all a bit biased when it comes to the young ones in our lives.

The christmas stuff is up and on. Tree, village, outside decorations the works. I need to fishing up a few things but not that much. I need a new tablecloth because one cat decided to put his paw through the part that hangs down. Nice big rip there.

I have two batches of cookie dough ready to go tomorrow, one batch of sugar cookies and one batch of spritz cookies. I have my hungarian pasteries to make yet and I have apricot, cherry, and raspberry fillings for those. Of course I have the traditional walnuts too for the fillings.

My last core class for the MBA is underway. I sent my first paper to my instructor last night and hopefully it is ok. I have to work on some discussion questions for next week, a benchmarking paper, and a summary of the week. You know online classes are tons of fun. We have a virtual class room where we can interact with each other. Places to post our answers to the discussion questions, and places for folders, drafts, saved things and yes even a chatroom. I am glad I am finsihed with going to the actual class staying home in nasty weather is much nicer.