Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I am making Christmas Cookies, yes I am. I have two dozen made cooling for frosting. I have two more doughs in the refrig ready to go and I am cooking apricots to make fillings for some. I have raspberries as well for the fruit filling. Its work but I love to bake. I just wish I could stand longer and not have my back hurt.

I am down 14.1 lbs now YEAH. I am looking forward to more weight coming off. I am working hard at it and weight watchers is easy to do. I have gifts to wrap and one to get in the mail. I hope he will like what he receives. If he reads this then he will have his interest peaked for sure.

More and more I am dis-statisfied iwth work. Its begining to bore me silly. I need a challanging job and a new better paying job. Two more classes and I will have my masters. And then I can really try for a new job. Around here I am not so sure but we will see. I have posted an application with MSU and we will see if they call me.