Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Cookie day today. I have two batches waiting to be made into cookies and one batch of sugar cookies all done. I am not crazy about the recipie I used to make the sugar cookies. I need to find a good difinative sugar cookie recipie that is soft and moist but will roll out well. I have some new things that I am trying this year to decorate cookies. One is a stencil that you lay over the cookie after its baked and color on it. The other is a cutter that embosses a design on the cookie for you then afterwards you can fill in the impression with colored sugars, or some type of cookie decorating. For instance we used food coloring pens to draw in the designs today. they didn't work the best so tomorrow when I go christmas shopping I will try and find something else to use to fill in the designs. Maybe I can use my daughters cake decorating things if I purchase bags to put the frosting in and then use the frosting to trace the designs in the cookie. I have a batch of spritz that needs to be made probably tomorrow night. I have the first batch of dough for hungarian pastries too but I didnt get the fillings cooked today so maybe I will do that tomorrow as well.

It has not been such a bad day really. The weather is warming up and it has rained most of the day and now its getting foggy. I hope the rain doesn't freeze overnight so that I do not have to drive on ice in the morning to work. Nothing worse than cars on the highway with frozen roads. The idiots that live here must forget how to drive when winter hits and the fact that so many people seem to be out and about shopping. Next Sunday is mall day. Taking the 10 year old so see santa and get his picture taken. His idea not mine. Next Saturday the local pet store is having a picture day with Santa and your pet. We will probably have to do that too as the 10 year old wants his puppy's picture taken with santa too.

I got my first discussion quesion finsihed and ready to be posted tomorrow night. I want to read it over before I post it to make certain that it makes sense. Without having met this instructor and most likely will not meet him during the class I want to make sure things are just right.