Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Now the SAL

Now here is the picture of the SAL that I am working on in the Kustom Kraft group. It doesn't look like much but I am behind the others since I only started a week ago last Thursday and I am working on the top two lines on the first page.

I will post updates as I go this is going to be an amazing piece when I get it finished. I am ashamed to admit that this is my first Kustom Kraft pattern that I have attempted and by far the largest I have attempted. That is excluding the Angel of Healing that I have been workin on and have put away for the tme being. I am looking for some baskets at reasonable prices to organize my WIP's in but so far cannot find any in the price I want to pay that I like. Maybe I will not get one with money being so tight. I was thinking that after Christmas maybe I could find some marked down Christmas ones at Michaels. I want the ones with the fabric liners that I can place on the lower shelves of my bakers rack to hold the UFO's, WIP and the patterns that I want to do later. So I am looking at a total of 3 baskets. Dollar store doesn't have much of anything that I like besides they were too small.

I have my rum balls furmenting today, I have my Hungarian Nut Crescents made with a pound of butter, powered sugar, walnuts, vanilla and flour done as well. I need to dredge the crescents in powered sugar to finishe them off. So up until today my whole baking total of pastries for Christmas is about 20+ dozen. Thats not counted the rum balls since they are not baked and are more of a candy than an actual cookie.

Today is another batch of the Hungarian Cream Cheese filled pastries since the family at the entire lot that I baked last week. I made 4 dozen of them last week and they are gone. I need to cook the traditional walnut filling as well today to compliment the cherry and apricot that I have made up to now.