Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movie Time & Stitching Stuff

I finally watched the movie I ordered form Netflicks. It was Elizabeth: The golden years or soemthing like that. How soon I forget. However, since no one here likes those types of movies I watched it on my dvd player on the computer boy the high deffination monitor makes a huge difference when watching movies. I have in my Q several more movies such as this and I will be watching it on the computer as well. I did some stitching on The Hunt while watching and I have the first cherub almost completed. Today I have to make more amish bread and then stitch stitch stitch. I need to get some stitches into Raja and I have the Feb part of the OHD sal that is going on. I also ordered fabric from Silk Weavers for the next mystery sal in the Kustom Krafts group. Also I have only a few stitches in the Sal for ILCS group. Need to work on that too.

Here are the pictures of the movie I watched, the bookmark I made for an exchange, and January part of OHD sal.