Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wish List updated

Here on Multiply I have finally updated my wish list for stitching patterns. As stitchers do we ever get to the point where we say no to patterns? I think not.

I am curently working on a new project and afgan for Alex with different breeds of dogs stitched on it. Right now I am working on the Golden Retriever (first block) and it has a ton of blends and a couple stitches then you change colors.

I have updated my site for Halloween as you can see as well. I have tried to find a theme that I like for my blogger blog but so far nothing has peaked my interest. At least I am working on things again and taking an interest in blogging again. So that is a step in the right direction.

I have been downsized to 3 days per week starting this week at the temp job. I am done sometime the week of the 14th as it stands right now. Hubby's unemployment is up and his last check will be issued next week. Still he cannot find a job and what now. We will be down about 800 per month now. It will be tight but it is doable unless I quit working altogether with this temp job and then it will be even tighter and I think still doable. I hope.

Weather here is deffinately on the fall side this weekend but next week it is suppose to warm up a bit. I don't mind fall but I do mind winter and that is right behind. These past few cool days my body has been really reacting to the changes and am having some issues with walking ( painful) and my body is aching in joints where the arthritis is sitting. My right elbow is now crooked and I cannot straighten it out anymore. Well it was bound to happen one day the arthritis is beginning to rear its ugly head. I hope it doesn't become more crooked and less flexible. Hard to use my right arm anymore for cleaning and wiping things up. Since it is extremely painful to try and straigten it.