Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Good News and a Wonderful week

I have had some good news for a change this week.  I have satisfied my hours for the temp agency and as of next friday the 18th I am able to be hired as an HR sub for the local school district.  Right now I will only be working 24 hours a week but in about a month I may go to 32 hours a week and my pay is being increased by 2.50 an hour.  The HR director wants to hire me permentaly but we have union issues with the position so it has not been posted as of yet.  I hope to eventually work my way in full time or at the very least get more HR experience under my belt as a sub so that I can use the Masters in HR and Business Administration to get a good permanent job.  At last we needed the good news and a break.  Hubby just got his last unemployment check last week and I don't think he will get another extension.  So I need to work as much as I can right now.  A regular job with benefits would be great as well.

Now I have been having a blast giving away the Freecycle cross stitch items in two of my groups.  I got so much stash that I couldn't store it all so I decided to give what I can't do or store away to others.  I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff but I still have plenty more to go through.  I have kept all that I can and now the rest is up for grabs.  I only have a path to my computer in the room do to tubs of stuff here and there.  Oh, but its so much fun making people happy it really is.  It was the boost that I needed to push back that darkness some more.

I had to much stuff to photograph and put on the blog so I have tried to list and describe it as well as I could.  I also have some linen to give away.  I cannot stitch on linen.  I can only stitch on evenweave and aida.  I prefer a very high count of aida like 18 or 22 count.  I got a bit of this out of the Freecycle but the lady that had all this stash liked linen as there is a lot of that.

So for now that is all  Hope you all are having a terrific weekend.  I know I am.