Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Something new I made today

I got feeling a bit on the crafty side today and came up with a new autumn/fall decoration. A wreath!!!! Michaels had their fall flowers 50% off so I bought a few bunches. I need to replace the summer spring flowers in the bathroom with some too. More pictures when thats done I promise. More fall arrangements to come. I haven't stitched much today at all been busy saving some fabic that I got in the free cycle cross stitch find that I got. The person who had this stuff prior to me started several projects and didn't leave behind the directions or any floss so I am taking her stitching out so I can reuse the fabric to stitch something else. I have a Christmas Sampler that I want to do and one of these fabrics will be perfect.
Tomorrow its the Nascar race, stitching, and dyeing some fabric not necessarily in that order. I have heard from quite a few of the ladies that I have sent things too and they have been pleased and excited about what they picked out sight unseen as it were. I am gald they are happy that makes me very happy. I have some old cross stitch magazines to send to a friend and I'm going to spike her package with a few unexpected goodies LOL.