Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, February 27, 2010

14 Months of work to no avail

I am very very depressed right now.  I have been working so hard to get that job that I was a temp for and then when my temping contract was up I was hired as a sub.  Anyway, I had been waiting for months for the job to be posted it finally was and yes I got interviewed for it and no I didn't get it.  Another girl in the building I'm in applied for it as well and she out did me in the interviews.  I wanted no I needed that job.  And, now I face the prospect of unemployment again in the very very near future.  I guess my life is cursed or my birthday is this is the second time since January of 2008 that I have lost a job that I have liked the week before my birthday.  Its so unfair.  This girl is not married, does not have a family to worry about and she got the job.  I don't think another job like that will come along again and jobs here are few and far between.  Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the States and if they don't pass the unemployment extension I wont even get unemployment.  My husband is 70 and cannot find a part time job, my daughter has a mental illness and cannot work and my grandson (I'm his guardian) is learning disabled and we just pulled him from his school to home school him. 
The decision to homeschool was not made lightly but he was not making any progress in the local school that he was in.  He is due to start middle school next year and he is reading on a 2nd grade level (if that) his resource room teacher did not make one bit of progress with him at all this year.  It's so unfair but at least here he can get one to one help all the time and we can make sure that he succeeds.  He will I am sure because he is a very smart child.  So now I am looking on the internet for work sheets and books on Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Language Arts which are the core subjects that he must be taught the state has determined.  I have gotten some remedial reading books and work books for him.  I have downloaded some math e books for him and we went to the local Teachers store to get some other things today.

I need a break here soon or I don't know how we will survive.