Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Monday, November 22, 2010


When you see people on tv who get makeovers of any kind are they just lucky or is everything preset?  How do people get gifts they need from Oprah on TV when they don't even know what the show is going to be about when they go to see it.  Why are some people seemingly lucky while others have nothing good happen to them?

I guess all these months out of work have made me begin to question things.  I have so much to offer skills, training, degrees and can I get a job NOOOOO.  I need a kitchen that is functional do I win a kitchen make over Noooo.  Im becoming very down in the dumps because of things.

I hope the kids like the stuff I have gotten off of ebay all in good condition but used.  And, I got them for a fraction of what I would pay in the store.  Ok so the Ipod is not exactly an Ipod it looks like it though its just a Coby MP3 player.  The house needs to be decorated for christmas and I am thinking about it but its hard to get my self interested in doing it.

I found out I have COPD and I stopped smoking (again) last July.  Im sure my weight is not helping anything either.  The right arm is very painful and I cannot hold a pen and write but at least I can type thank goodness. Otherwise a job might be hard to get.  I sent out more resumes on Friday both physical and email.  We shall see if this batch generates any interest.  My right knee that was replaced in 2000 is beginning to hurt somehow if feels like the side of the leg beneath the actual knee maybe the bone the transplant is screwed into?  Of course my left knee is shot completely and nothing short of a transplant will help that one.  So Maybe its just the pain Im in that makes me depressed.
I did get a finish over the weekend.  i am in a swap to make something Small and homemade for my partner.  I got mine done and need to find out when to ship it.  Of course I will have to wait until she receives it before I can post anything pictures of it.
Well I guess thats all the whining for today.  Bear with me Im sure it won't always be this way.  Oh year, racing is over now until February and I only have football and HGTV to watch now.  UGH.