Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, November 13, 2010

This and That

Well we have been busy with the outside of the house getting ready for Christmas as its been warm all week.  Today is 62 not usual for Michigan in November.  Next week they say we may be shoveling snow UGH.

Daughter and I want out yesterday and got a lot of Christmas shopping accomplished.  Some more shopping has been done on line with the help of Ebay and PayPal.  Alex wants the older video game systems.  He has decided that he will be a collector of game systems now and the classic games to go with them.  I.E. frogger, pacman, ms pacman, etc etc.

Thinking about getting ready for holiday baking.  With no job now I wont make as much as I use to.  Mainly just for the family no gifts go give away now either.  So I will be fun and not a chore as it use to be.

Working on Quaker Christmas and need to get a scan done so I can upload it.  Quite smoking back in July and haven't touched one yet.  Took down to the consignment shop a lot of my nascar cars that are still in their original packaging to try and sell them for more Christmas money.  I hate being unemployed.

Doctor says I need to think about applying for disability with my arthritis worse and having copd working may not be an option for much longer if anyone would give me an interview.

Mom is coming over for dinner tonight and I need to get a pillow form for daughters pillow and start working on Alex's quilt.  Pillow is for her daybed and will be a christmas present.  Quilt is something I have been promising to make for Alex for some time now.

Have extra material may make some lap quilts.  Not sure yet.

Ok about all for now.