Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fun Tonight

We had a good time tonight.  We played the Wii tonight bowling, boxing, and a few other things.  I had forgotten how much fun it is watching the kids.  Art had to play too and did really well with the bowling.  I think that the time the game on facebook was taking was far to much away from my family.  Mom was over and we had dinner, pie and coffee and played.  I really nice family time.  Take that KOC and if you guys only knew what a favor you have done for me.  To Bad you will never ever know.

I am also stitching on Quaker Christmas.  Its coming slow with that bad right arm but Im at least trying again.  I have had it since 2008 Christmas and was always to busy to work on it.  Well now I dont have any email groups, cut back on face book game time and can work on it.  Will it be done by Christmas probably not but I am working on it and thats what counts.