Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday again and a very interesting day it is and HAED's

From about 11:30 pm last night and going forward today is the news of Bin Laden.  He is gone the snake that hurt and killed so many people since 2001.  The end took a long time due to people protecting this man but in the end he got what he deserved.  I hope he is in a warm place now.

On Sunday, since it was cool, I watched a 2 hour program on Chill regarding the Mayan prediction of 2012.  So much doom and gloom its preposterous, many learned men believe that its the end of the earth as it is currently known others believe that its just a transition between ages.  Could this be the age of Aquarius nah probably not but who knows could it finally be a time of peace and not a huge cataclysmic event .  I suppose that whatever it is there isn't much we can do to stop what will ever happen.  I believe that we will be entering a new age.  An age that will see the human race using more compassion, understanding, and patience, well one can hope can't we.  Anyway it's a fascinating topic to research.

I have been stitching all weekend.  I seem to be addicted to Raja now I haven't touched anything else stitching wise since last Thursday.  I need to get some thread for my new projects.  I received two beautiful HAED's in the mail last week.  I have been fighting a deep depression as you know I suffer from depression anyway and at times it gets really bad.  I have been down because I am still not working, have been unemployed for over a year now and so far nothing promising has come along.  I have had interviews but I am up against a very large amount of people who are also looking for work.  I have been thinking seriously about just giving up but so far its just thinking.  Money is tight as I get $315.00 every two weeks in unemployment.  I have bill collectors calling all the time.  Ah, well such is life.  We have food, a place to live, heat and utilities there are others who don't have that.

So last week I get a priority mail envelope in the mail.  Hubby gave it to me and I spotted the Heaven and Earth name and address and I had to stop and think.  No, I didn't order anything.  So I opened it up and two of the patterns that I have been wanting were in there with a very wonderful message for me.  I received Kitty Witch and Bubble Fairy two patterns that i have wanted forever.  I was stunned to say the least.  I am so very touched that someone would do this for me.  I think I know who it is but not saying anything just yet.

So thats my update and tomorrow I have to post my ORT Jar as its the new moon.