Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Well its a cold blah Easter today.  It was suppose to be sunny and 60 however, it appears that the weather men blew it again.  We have had 3 weeks of cloudy grey skies and cold, cool weather.  Nothing is flowering yet.  Even my quince bush is not in bloom.  The tulips are just barly about 3 inches above the ground.  The ones that are left after the squirrels dug them up and ate them.  UGH.

The ham and potatoes are in the oven.  I have a 7.5 lb spiral ham and am making a pan of oven roastd potatoes tossed with olive oil and onion soup mix.  Mom will be here around 2 pm and hope to eat soon after that.  Everyone is back in bed since 13 got us up early.  It was just barely light out.  Yes he has to find eggs still and they were outside this year as well.  Its was cloudy and cool at least not raining yet.  But we have a week of rain coming starting tonight. 

The farmers here cannot get their crops in the group due to the cold weather and freezing temps at night and not to mention the rain making the fields mucky.  I hope we have a spring crop this year before the summer veggies come on.  Doesn't look promising though.  I am stitching as well.  Working on Mary Wigham today and will have updates on works sometime in the next few days.
I guess I will have to pack the Kustom Krafts Naptime Dragon sal that I was doing.  I lost the key for the symbols and colors and I have asked so many times in the group but no one has responded to me regarding having a copy and I know a bunch of them did that sal.  So I guess I move on to something else that I started but didnt finish.  I have about 3/4 of the first page of Raja done another sal from the Kustom Kraft group.