Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Its been a week that I have not be able to come up with one jewelry piece.  I have not gotten any stitching done either.  I feel like I'm in a lost cycle somewhere unable to produce anything.  I have been out in the pool during the hot days several times a day lately just once since its cooled off.  Won't be that way for long though more heat on the way YUCK.  Why is it we are never happy, in the winter its too cold in the summer its to hot lol. 

No luck on the job front yet either.  I cannot believe it I have been out of work for almost a year and a half.  Having some real difficulties with my arthritis lately as well.  My right arm still hurts terribly (its the one I broke the elbow in 6/2010) anyway I can hardly use it for anything.  Its bent permanently from what I can see I cannot straighten it at all.   Trying to use it to clean is impossible.  It hurts all the time even when I try and do the simplest things.  Back to work for a second, I am beginning to believe I won't get another job our unemployment is up to 10.1 now.  Mostly cause of the teachers that have been let go from the schools and GM is down for change over.

Well today is better, I have figured out a chain maille weave that I couldn't do last week.  I have three jewelry projects going so much better now.  Stitching is still not in the agenda but hopefully I'll get my stitchy interest flowing again soon.