Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday and the health battles continue. . . . . .

Daughter is recovering from her knee surgery on Monday.  I caught her walking last night without the crutches so its getting better.  I love her dearly but pain she cannot stand.  I grit my teeth when she has something wrong with her or requires surgery.  She had some issues in the recovery room but all is

14 year old is still down with bronchitis complicated by his asthma.  He gets this once a year it seems and with this crazy winter we are having its no wonder we all aren't sick.  Anyway his peds. doc has given him a referral to a pulmonary doctor which is coming up in March and a breathing test the day before his appointment .  He is slightly improved (on second dose of steroids, cough medicine, and now has a machine where he can have breathing treatments at home. 

Hubby is still suffering with his medical issues although we have gotten the run around with different doctors thanks to his primary care physician.  He was checked for so many different kinds of cancer it was scary but someone the real issue got totally overlooked.  He had rheumatic fever as a child in Hungary and this has caused him to have one valve replacement back in his 50's.  They have been monitoring (his cardiologist) was supposedly.  However, after 6 months of Dr appointments (ok maybe not that long) at least 3 months of appointments we have found out his 2nd heart valve is either closed or is closing.  Hence the culprit for his breathing issues, his feet swell all the time and look like they belong on an elephant.  So on Feb. 1 we goes in for a test on his heart to see if that valve is closed or closing or what is going on with it.  He has had issues in the past with retaining lots of water around his heart and in his legs.  (the term escapes me for now).  Hopefully, we will know after the test and they can proceed to help him.  He runs out of breath so fast and cannot hardly walk in stores for very long, the swelling of course, and he sleeps a lot.  Well I have talked your ear off and need to prepare for 14  year old partial day of school.  Thank goodness his in a virtual school here so he can keep on working even though he's sick. 

No stitching as of late but have been crocheting and still working with those knitting needles trying to conquer them.  So far nope but I will not be cowered by two pointy needles.  Until next time. . . . . . . . . .