Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Monday, March 26, 2012

Long time.

Yes its been a while but in all fairness I just haven’t had any ambition to write.  I wish I would have.  So I am trying to rectify that starting tonight. 

1.  Hubbys 2nd heart valve needs replacing.  His top valve was replaced 13 years ago on April 28th.  Ok so it will be 13 years come this April.  He is having a real difficult time hard to breathe, and he is in partial heart failure and he is swelling badly from fluid.  The surgeons here won’t touch him he has been referred to Ann Arbor.  We have met with the surgeon there and had to go back to the pulmonary doc to have his lungs re-evaluated.  That’s been done so we are waiting to go back to see that doctor.  Then hopefully we can set up a surgery date at U of M surgeon.  They say it’s a very risky and serous operation.  I hope all will be alright. 

2.  My jewelry is not selling so Im giving up on it for now.  Maybe one day will try again but for now Im just going to let it go.

3.  My disability has been approved by Social Security basically cause of my arthritis and COPD.  Seems so odd not to have to worry about getting a job again.  I wasn’t getting anywhere with that anyway.  My age is against me I guess.

4.  I am back to crocheting and learning to knit.  I have fallen in love with making lacy shawls using either crochet or knit.  Some of them are just awesome.  Thinking I will be giving them away when I get them done, after all how many shawls does one need.  Thinking about working the the hospital closest to the house to donate the shawls for cancer patients  or something along that line.