Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Monday, December 17, 2012

So this is Christmas Season

I borrowed part of the title from John Lennon to start this post off. I got a lovely ornament in the mail today. It was from my swap partner in an ornament exchange. She sent me a lovely pattern and the floss to make it with too and a lovely card. Thanks Mary. I wish I had sent you more perhaps I will who knows.

Im staying off the broken right leg today I have only got up for the necessary thing. I have my daughters laptop here in the sleeping and sitting room that was my dining room.

So much grief this season. For me loosing Art but for those poor parents in Conn. they lost a part of their legacy. After all our kids are our legacy to the world. Our values we instill in them so that they can carry on in our place. Those 20 lovely kids could have been our next great leader, or next great minds we will never know now.

I wish that the media would stop publishing so much of this horrible stuff on the news. Yes I know its news but could the media be showing the next murderer of innocents a way to do it. Is the news placing a small spark inside one of these monsters heads to try and top this horrendous act by another that is worse. Would they the possible killers be likely to hurt others if they didn't get their 15 min. of fame. Its something to contemplate along with more solid gun controls.

Here in Michigan our Governor decided to let people carry guns that are legalized into libraries and places like that. Is he opening the door to a mass murder here. Why would someone besides police have a reason to take a gun into a library or public places. Its ridiculous to even contemplate.

I hope that 2013 brings better things I have had enough bad for a good long time.