Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blog Hop #14

What was your biggest stitching accomplishment in 2012?
What was your favorite stash acquisition in 2012 and will you be using it in 2013?

The question for this hop is above. My biggest stitching accomplishment in 2012 was finish stitching the leprechaun that I won from a blog give away. I have it completed as far as stitching but not as in finished it. I am not very good at finishing off stitching projects unless I make a pillow out of it and just how many pillows does one need? I have to learn other ways of finishing off my stitchings. Unfortunately that was my biggest stitching accomplishment and my only stitching finish. My husband had heart valve replacement surgery in April and suffered a stroke as a result of the surgery. Then a month later when it was time for him to have intensive rehab he had a 2nd stroke. Then he contracted pneumonia not once but twice. He passed away on October 31, 2012 from a perforated ulcer as he was to weak and sick to live through the surgery to fix it. So needless to say I didn't get much stitching done.

My favorite stash acquisition in 2012 was purchasing silk weavers fabrics through Facebook for reduced prices. These are usually one or two left of a certain color and they are a combination of Aida, linen, and even weaves. I currently like to use 16 and 18 count Aida. So I have a very nice assortment of colors for future projects that I have gotten this way

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