Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dec 27, 2012

The snow came and went. We have somewhere around 5 inches more or less. Daughter went out to snow blow the drive and the sidewalks. She ended up doing the next door neighbors sidewalk and th3 neighbor across the street her driveway and sidewalk. We have started following the 26 acts of kindness that has been started since the shootings of the teachers and beautiful children in New Town. One question though why is it that something that tragic had to happen so people would do RAK's for others? Could we have not done those acts without a tragedy or are we so obvious to all that's going on that it takes a tragedy as witnessed in New Town to wake people up.

I have started two new parts of this blog for my cross stitching and my crocheting. I have started lists of things I am working on in both mediums. I plan to track what I start and when I finish an item to see how many I get made within the last few days of this year and throughout the next year. Currently crochet projects are an afghan for the oldest one living in Maryland and two snowflakes for the new school the kids from Sandy Hook will be going. The PTA there wants a school full of snowflakes for the kids when they go back to school in January.

Cross stitch projects have yet to be determined but I am going to do some stitching after I get these crochet projects finished. Probably then I plan on moving between projects if I get bore with one I can change over to the other one and vice versa.

HERE is the information and the mailing address should anyone decide they want to join in on the fun of creating something unusual for the survivors of New Town shootings.
Also here is a link to more snowflake patternssnow flakes patterns

According to the weather channel we are due to have some more snow but apparently Michigan isn't in the snowbelt anymore like we use to be. Its shifted south now and toward the east coast. Interesting.