Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday -Headache and flu sick

I think I still have the flu not sure.  But I have had a major headache all week and nothing is helping it.  I haven't been sick to my stomach any more or having any issues with other things.  Just feel somewhat icky and dizzy course I am not eating much of anything unless its Popsicle, ice cream but mostly cold water.  I haven't done much except sleep either but Im tired of being sick and laid up with a broken leg and if I have to have surgery I wish it would hurry up.  Instead I have another week and a half to wait for it.

Of course I am missing art tremendously facing and dealing with all this stuff alone not as a mother and father, grandmother and grandfather.  I really hate being alone too.  I needed him to make my world sane when dealing with two individuals who have issues.  Daughter bipolar & grandson learning disabled as well as in the autistic spectrum.  Daughter gets counseling from a psychiatrist but when she gets upset she yells at grandson who argues back typical teenager you know but still hard to take on a daily basis.    Headache is so bad its in my neck now.  I broke down in tears I cannot always deal with stuff daily daughter is old enough to learn not to do it but she won't.  I keep trying to make grandson understand that if he did as he was asked without arguing then she wouldn't yell.

so that's my Friday not being able to get any stitching done due to being sick and the headache makes focusing difficult.  I keep trying.

Until next time.............................