Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday 1/20/13--I'm Human

Ok Yes, I am finally human at least its the first time I have felt that way all week.  I have beaten the flu and have actually eaten soft bland food today first time since Monday.  I am still craving Popsicles  and tomorrow daughter is going to get me some juice bars.  Yum.  I have also become addicted to ice cold water and jello.  See a trend there.  Yep I am eating my way through a huge bowl of lime jello.  I would much prefer orange and cherry though but its cold and its good.  I have also still the hots and colds.  I sweat then I get cold so apparently a bit is left.  I am a huge proponent of vitamins though.  I take them daily and green tea capsules as well that may have helped beat the flu in a few days.

I am working on my first stitching piece and finish of the year.  I have a valentines exchange piece ready to go almost anyway.  I have almost finished stitching it and then need to finish it.  I am a rotten finisher.  Its a bit larger for a ornament I think.  So perhaps a small pillow or a valentine pincushion.  I gave up on watching the football game the 49'rs better wake up or the Atlanta Falcons are going to the superbowl.

Football is just not the same for me now.  I watch and remember all the times I have watched the games with Art.  He was the reason I liked the football games.  He was so funny when his team would loose or have issues during  the game.  I could never get across to him that yelling at the tv simply did not work.  They could not hear him or his advice.  I wish that we would have been able to see a real game in person one time but that was not meant to be.

Well later I will have pictures uploaded to here.
Here is the first pic of the finish
Happy Sunday