Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowy Friday

Only the 2nd time in Michigan this winter that we had enough snow for daughter to go out and blow the snow.  She does several of the neighbors who have helped us in our recent times of distr
We are in financial trouble right now and hoping to get enough from taxes to hang on a while longer.  The van needs expensive work but thats cheaper than a car payment in the long run.  The house needs lots of work and no money to do it with Art gone now.  Need a new floor and toilet in the bathroom, need new flooring in kitchen and dining room.

Have contemplated letting the house go back simply cause I am unable to fix it and paying the taxes is another issue.  Talked with my mom about us renting her house so that she can get an apartment in a senior apartment complex that she has wanted to do for years now since Dad passed away,  She wants to get away from all the yard work etc associated with the house.  So she is looking for a place but so far no luck there are waiting lists on lots of these complexes and no opennings. 

I am working on some ornaments for a year long cross stitch ornament swap that I am in.  Also started working on a shawl pattern ion crochet.  I want to crochet a few of them to take over to the hospice house where Art was when he passed away.  I would like to donate some for patients or their families that would or could use the comfort of a shawl.  I guess you could call them a prayer shawl except I place my wishes for peace and comfort as I crochet it.  So maybe its still a prayer shawl not really sure.  I have wanted to do this since Art passed last October but have had various issues.

I now have another new knee in my right leg.  The break and abscess in the right leg has been repaired too.  Its been 2 weeks last wednesday since I had the surgery and I am now in out patient physical therapy to get my legs stronger.  Not beening able to walk much the past 4  months has made my muscles very weak.  So today and last night after the first day of therapy I could hardly walk due to the sore muscles.  the knee itself is doing fine just a minimal amount of pain in it.

So thats the update for today.  Post pics of the projects soon.