Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday a new week a new attitude?

Well I have faxed the stuff that the mortgage company wants.  Arts death certificate and a letter from me giving them my particulars and how to get a hold of me.  I hope they can do something to help as we cannot get a mortgage due to our credit scores.  Daughters is better than mine but she cant get mortgaged either and the Land Bank Trust that is selling the redone houses wont do land contracts even though their website says that they will.  So as of now if I cant work out a deal with the mortgage company we do not have anywhere to go.  I will just stay here until I get evicted I guess.  Hopefully though the mortgage company will work with me.  I don't have the money for the taxes that are due in July either.  I can't remortgage the house due to the credit so I can't get the taxes and insurance rolled into the payment.  I wish I could then things would be a lot better for us.

I am trying to get my jewelry business off the ground but so far only sold one item.  I gave a friend of grandsons a deal on a bracelet for his mom for mothers day.  He's such a good kid that I couldn't charge him a lot.  Oh well maybe good karma will come back to me. 

I have two shawls done for the hospice house and I need to start working on this months ornament for the cross stitching exchange I am in.  I have a break on the birthday club no one has a birthday until June now so I don't have to worry about that this month. 

I have been working on weaving jewelry and using thread and string to make items.  I much prefer that than the stringing that I did before.  I am catching on to some of the stitches used in the fireline and beading string and two bracelets do not look so shabby.  One of them is the one I "sold" to grandsons friend.  LOL  I hope his Mom likes it.  He was so happy when I didn't charge him much and I even put it in a white jewelry box for him.  I only have some small ring like boxes so its kinda pushed in there but at least its a box.  I need to get some larger boxes for necklaces and bracelets.  These ones I have would work for earrings I think and I don't make rings yet so I will keep them for the earrings.  If  I sell any that is. 

So that's what's going on here now.  More later this week as I have a date with a financial planner person to help me with my debts and the companies that are sueing me.  I really don't know what good any of it will do since I really cant afford to make any payments.  Also husbands credit card company is trying to get the money out of me for that too.