Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Informal High School Reunion

Last night was the annual informal reunion of the Lansing Everett Vikings class of 1970.  It was fun I had never been prior to this year to an informal reunion only went to the formal reunions.  I think that the informal was much more fun.  I talked with people that I am sure I never talked to or spent time with during our high school years.

I even had two glasses of wine and actually enjoyed myself immensely and was able to relax a bit and forget for a while all the issues and problems I am going through.  To think I almost didn't go cause I have or had never attended a social event without Art.  I have really not done anything much for the past 9 months I did go out to breakfast with some of the girls back in March.  I have volunteered to be part of the committee to decide on reunions and what to do and where to go.  I am not sure if they will include me but we will see.  I hope they do I need something else in my life to focus on besides trying to persecute Ocwen Loan Servicing, the mortgage company that is refusing to work with me and allow me to save my home of over 27 years.

I hope to continue to keep up with people most are still married or divored and remarried so I am close to being the only widow that came I think.  Lots of our class mates have passed away many of them far to young.  So its a good thing to keep going and try to stay in touch.

I am starting to get rid of all my excess stash for the cross stitching moving into my moms doesn't give me much storage room at all.    But things can be replaced some day.  At least we have a place to go it could be worse and we could be on the curb in a few short months.

I am working on my Halloween swap piece.