Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Friday, August 16, 2013

We are beginning to let go

We are beginning to down size and let go of stuff.  I am listing some of my cross stitch stash on ebay currently just fabric but soon it will be patterns as well.  The kids are cleaning out places like closets and such that store stuff no longer used or needed so thats going too.  I am checking into having an estate Sale once we get what we want/need out of the house.  I have appliances to sell, a king size wall unit head board, a queen size bed only about 5 years old.  Entertainment center stuff like that.  It is the beginning of the end for us to be here.

I have exhausted all help to keep the house.  As long as the mortgage company refuses to acknowledge me and let me assume the loan since I am not on it then I cannot get help to pay up what I owe and get a payment modification.  Without Art I cannot pay the payment and taxes.  I need to have it all incorporated into the payment in order to pay it all.

We are looking into rentals but so far no good.  Animals are keeping us out or money requirements or long waiting lists.  We really need a mircle.  I have written to my state congressman and senator but have not heard back from them.  Wrote to my US Senator this morning but not even sure if anyone reads the emails.  I also wrote to my US congressman to expose Ocwen and they just barely legal practices.

Saw a lawyer but cannot afford the fees to fight the company.  I have turned them into a governmental regulatory thing that i found on line and my complaint was forwarded to the proper place and I have contacted the BBB in the state they are located in however it appears lots of people are doing this and to no avail.

I am trying to keep finding ways to expose them for what they are a very shoddy at best company.  They have forced lots of people out of their homes in much the same way that I am being forced out.  So anyone know of any other agency or place I can complain to let me know I will send a complaint email asap.