Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Health Issues or what-House is it worth it all

I am beginning to have stomach issues and I think its all the stress that I have been under trying to save the house.  I am now beginning to question if its worth it all.  Ocwen the mortgage company is sending false information to a department that I filed a complaint against them with.  I have countered the claim with another of my own but I am starting to have stomach pains on a regular basis, having headaches almost daily, and differently not sleeping well.

We are going to look at a townhouse on the south side of the city tomorrow morning and I don't know if its doable with our credit.  I have been turned down by elder law for any help with the mortgage company. 

The copy of the letter I received yesterday 9/28/13 states that I cannot assume the loan from my husband on the house.  They are still claiming I am not on the loan.  I am on the mortgage but not on the loan.  Stupid idiots Ocwen is.  Anyway in the letter they say I am eligible for an in-house loan modification but if they aren't allowing me to assume the loan how can I get a in-house loan modification.  I think they are blowing smoke and the letter also states that they have filed foreclosure proceedings back in July of this year but in August when I met with the Registrar of Deeds there was no foreclosure proceedings started in this state.  I have not received any papers posted on the house about it nor have I recieved a letter from a lawyer stating that foreclosure proceedings have been started.  One or the other has to be filed per Michigan Law as a real estate lawyer told me.

I cannot get any legal help without money to pay for it and legal aid closed my case regarding the assumption of the loan since Ocwen  denied my any help.  They according to my information are lying to the Attorney General of Michigan.