Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Not good news

Today I spoke with the person from Elder Law.  I thought I was going to talk with a lawyer about saving my house instead I got a housing counselor who basically said get ready to transition to another place to live.  This person also started to send me back through all the hoops I jumped through before.  Back to the places that closed my cases because of Ocwen refusing to work with me.  WTF more and more circles to go around.

I am still filing complaints with any and all agencies that I come across regarding my situation with this worthless mortgage company.  But nothing. No help at all unless I had money.  Since I lost my savings and my retirement taking care of my husband and his medical needs that insurance wouldn't pay for before he passed away, no lawyer is interested in taking my case.  They won't even look at the paper work and the point blank tell me that I cannot afford to pay them so no help.

All I want is to find a lawyer who is willing to file a lawsuit against the company and take whatever percentage they want from the settlement.  This company has been sued numerous times and people have won.  The lawsuits are from people much like me (except they can pay a lawyer) who have had dealings with this company.  Lots of them were on the verge of foreclosure and had lost their homes due to Ocwens dubious dealings or their shady dealings take your pick.

So I guess its back to trying to find a place that will take all the animals so that grandson can keep all of them and avoid anymore autistic melt downs.  His animals are his friends and he loves them so much.  I have a letter from his doctor stating that the animals are considered service because of his autism.  But so far no one is willing to allow us to keep them with us.  I hate the thought of putting them in the human shelter or local animal control.  Two cats are old and it would be so unfair to do that to them.  So, perhaps the more humane thing to do would be to put them to sleep but I hate to do that as well since they are old but they are healthy to a point.

Well I guess we will see what the future will bring.