Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas 2013

I have sold about all I can sell now.  Almost all of my crop stitching. supplies are gone now.  All of my hand dyed material that I collected over the years is gone now.  My small laptop I bought when Attila was hospitalized issold too.  I hot enough money from my supplies and laptop and the Nook to get the kids the presents they wanted the most.  I managed to keep a roof over our heads between visits too the food bank and our monthly money we have food lights, and heat.

This Christmas I'm thankful for all that.  But Christmas will never be as it was when Attila was alive and well.  He so loved the holidays and went out of his way to purchase a gift for each of us every year all by himself.  The kids had wonderful presents made all the more special because of the special gifts he bought on his own.  So with the money I had I had to choose carefully what the kids wanted so I wouldn't waste my money.  I think I managed all right.  But the presents are smaller and cheaper now.  But I hope it will be a happy Christmas this year.  The house isn't decorated inside and out like ituse to be.  We don't have room for all the decorations like we did at the old house.  But the tree is nice and the house is nice as well.  The tree is in front of the picture window and I'm typing on my kindle nose by its lights.

My hands are going numb more often now but I'm getting by.  I am disappointed that no one is my crocheted things I tried to sell as I could use the money but no one is and I'm going to stop trying to sell things.  I'm going ti try and donate theshawls and hats to the Cancer Center close by the house and close the esty shop.  Maybe I'll quit crocheting things as well.

My handiwork nimband aching from holding the stylus for typing this so its time to stop for now.

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