Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

today is my daughters 41st birthday and we have had a blizzard.  The mayor of Lansing has declared a state of emergency and all government offices are shut down as well as all the state offices are shut.  Not sure about the federal but roads are bad and its -14 degrees wind chill right now and its only going to get worse as the day wears on.

I was out shoveling for an hour early this morning before it was light out and the snow is over 2 ft deep and thats not where it drifted.  Our drive way has about a foot of snow in it right now and we shoveled 5 times all during the day yesterday to try and keep pace with the storm to no avail of course.  Now the fine powder snow is blowing and drifting so its very difficult to keep the areas open.  Our city only gives you 24 hours to clear off the sidewalks after a storm but you shovel and it fills back in.  I guess we will be doing this for several days to keep the sidewalks cleared.  The wind chills are going to get worse too so I may decide the heck with shoveling and wait it out.  We aren't going anywhere as we got some stuff yesterday before the storm was at its worst.

Pictures will follow as we have pretty much lost our split rail fence under the snow.  Our neighbor used his snowplow to clear out our sidewalk again and daughter is going to attack the drive way.  I am going to get some pics to place on here later.  Here are some from yesterday.

Look carefully you can see how hard it was snowing at the time I took these.  Today we are getting lake effect heavy snow just what we need more snow and more high winds to blow the snow around.  Good luck to all of us in Lansing MI right now