Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day two of 2014

Yesterday being the first day of the new year was a good day.  On new years eve we swept the entire house according to Japanese Feng Shui  it is sweeping away the old and preparing for the new.  However on New Years Day you cannot sweep at all since you might sweep the new good away.

I also prepared foods that are suppose to be traditionally good luck to eat on New Years Day.  We had pork (ham) peas, cornbread, roasted potatoes (not  sure if that is associated with good luck but they were good) and a round fruit (mandarin oranges).  I have looked up lots of new years traditions in order to make this year much better than 2013 and 2012 was.  I need to start good luck rolling for me and the kids.

All in all we had a nice start to the New Year.  Mom was over for dinner and the ham was excellent.  She had to leave early to play bingo at her senior apt. complex.  The kids and I spend a relaxing (well almost) afternoon and evening watching our Michigan State University Spartans win the Rose Bowl Game against Stanford University.  It was a bit nerve racking for a while as MSU seemed to no wake up until the first half was almost over.  Both defenses were good as it was a close and slow scoring game.

I need to make a new batch of my Christmas Kiffle to send out as grandson ate one whole container that was meant as a Christmas Gift for a nephew who lives in Maryland.  (SIGH) I also have a red velvet cake to make for Daughters birthday on the 6th of this month.  I thought my cookie baking was over for Christmas not to be so though.

I did stitch a little yesterday on the LK Christmas flip its I have been working on slowly.  Picture should be coming up soon.