Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall / Autumn is upon us again.

I haven't been writing much at all this past year.  I cant remember if I really ever did write.  I have been not so busy these past months.  But, with fall coming on I will get back into the baking and cooking mood yet again.  Yesterday I made homemade scratch cinnamon applesauce from macintosh apples.  Then I made a huge (yes huge) batch of scratch 4 cheese mac and cheese.  Took some over to a friend of mine who just lost her mother the day before yesterday.  Took her some applesauce as well.

I picked her up and we went to lunch with some ladies we went to high school with.  Yes, we were high school and even junior high school.  We had a great time talking and reminiscing about our school years.

I have been busy making crocheted shawls, lapghans, and hats for a friends church group and have a huge bag full of tied fleece blankets made for the local animal shelter.  We have a no kill shelter here and as a matter of fact thats how we got our beagle.  My daughter was a foster for several dogs until she fostered Clifford our rescue beagle.  Everyone swears that Clifford sabotaghe day better ed his adoption appearances by howling and jumping up etc so that he could stay with us.  Well and thats just what happened last September my daughter formerly adopted him before we had to move.  He is a terrific dog and very amusing to have around.  If your down, clifford the beagle, will find a way to make you smile and brighten your day.

I am facing the second year anniversary of the passing of my husband of 30 years.  Halloween was the day he died and I make an effort to keep the day light and of course we usually have a bunch of cute kids in costumes to make the day better.  At least thats what I focus one.

I have enjoyed the new house (formerly my home I grew up in) very much.  Smaller and easier to clean, keep heated and cooled when necessary.  The huge front window lets in lots of light.  For instance right now the cats are laying in the sun in the living room in front of the window soaking up the sun.  Its a contented picture.

I was sitting outside for a while this morning soaking up my portion of the sun and realized that dew on the grass shown like little diamonds.  I suppose thats not new to most but I never really looked at it before probably to busy with family and working to really notice.  My grasses that I planted in the front are doing well too.  I have ornamental grasses all along the front of the house where bushes used to be I like it much better with the grasses instead of those dying bushes.