Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, September 27, 2015

45th high school reunion

Last night was my 45th high school and I am on the reunion committee.
And one thing is abundantly clear to me I am no more part of them now as in high school.  Always sitting alone most of the time.  None of the people except a very few approached me mostly I was ignored and lonely.

Maybe my curse now is to be alone always to be a failure.  Things have gone so far south since Art died 3 years ago.  I know not how to make friends or to put myself out there apparently.  I am destined to be this way for acting as I did when younger?

I have tried to make friends with some people but I am always out the outside looking in to close friends and relations.  Also almost all of the people are not fat as I am and they have spouses to be with.  I guess this will always be my lot in life looking but never included.

Yes I am down and lonely and a failure.