Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 2015

Another Christmas almost upon us.  I have had a ok year.  Bankruptcy was finalized, student loans were forgiving since I am now disabled and unable to work.  Daughter was in a boot all spring, summer until October for tearing her tendon and muscle around her ankle.  Now I am recovering from my left knee being replaced.  Two years ago my right knee was replaced for the second time.  I now have two new knees and hope that it will help me with my weight loss and pain level.

I have had some blood pressure issues since the surgery which was on the day before Thanksgiving.  My blood pressure would not come up I was in recovery for longer than normal and had to stay a day longer due to lightheartedness and low blood pressure and low oxygen saturation level.

I have to cancel my surgeons post op appointment since I dont have money for the co pay.  Have to reschedule it after the first when I have money again.  I was only able to get Alex one present due to the cost of the laptop.  I hope he is happy with it.  Mom got him a few things as did Beth.

I dont want anything for Christmas what do I need.  I got new shoes and snow boots that is all I really needed.

Christmas still seems not as festive and happy as it once was since Atttila (Art) is no longer among us.  He so loved decorating inside and out for Christmas and Halloween as well actually.  I feel blah now at Christmas even though I fight it.  Our wedding anniversary in Sept.  doesn't bother me as much now either so maybe one day Christmas wont feel so blah.  Halloween the day he died will always be in my mind and heart.  The day he left me all alone.

Now onward to face Christmas and the New Year.  New Year new beginnings!!!!!!