Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15, 2015

Well I got out yesterday first day since I had my left knee replaced the day before Thanksgiving.  Once a month some of the ladies that I graduated high school with get together and have lunch at a local restaurant that is owned by another one of our long ago class mates.  It was nice getting out hard to get comfortable though I kept trying to make the left knee comfortable not much luck there yet.  Came home tired and took a nap I guess that is normal while healing from surgery of only two weeks ago.

However, as much as I enjoyed getting out once the lunch is over I have only one friend.  The ladies talk with me but after wards they talk to each other on facebook and on the phones etc but I am completely forgotten.  I dont know how to reach out anymore I have tried but never heard back from others.

My one best friend is the one I grew up on the same street with.  She and I met at junior high school and graduated from the same high school all those years ago.  Then we lost touch for over 30 some years as we both married, moved away raised out kids, and worked.  In 2013 we met up at an inprompto brunch that some of us old time grads wanted to get together and catch up.    She is the only one now that talks to me and makes sure I am alright.  She and I talk often and we take care of her pups when she needs us too.  this year I am making her a delightful birthday cake.

So I am always lonely these days and I miss Art each and every day.  But at Christmas its huge that he is gone as he loved to decorate outside and inside for it.  We always started decorating the Friday after Thanksgiving inside and outside lights before it got cold.  Here in the new house we dont decorate much no room for my Nativity set I made or my village.  We have a few lights up outside and the tree of course but that's about all now days.