Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Working on Items

I am working on a graphghan for myself its of a phoenix rising done in background of cream and the phoenix is variegated reds to simulate fire.  So far progressing nicely.

The other project is a peyote stitched bracelet.  I am doing it as a challenge piece for a facebook group I am part of now.  Each month the group picks a bead weaving stitch to try and you have to make something with the stitch.  We will see what the next one is but for now I am working on they peyote stitch.

My high blood pressure is back it went away for a while after my left knee replacement but now its back and I am back on my medicine for it.  Sigh.

The left knee replacement didn't help my back much.  I still cant stand very long without the back hurting.  Although the good news is when I stand my left knee doesn't hurt as it did.  My right knee was replaced for a 2nd time in 2013 so now I have new knees (well fairly new with the right) and look forward to spring and getting out walking and hopefully bike riding.  I am only 6 weeks post knee replacement and afraid with snow and Ice to go out much for walking.  Besides its bitter cold as well right now.

Winter finally arrived after a prolonged fall but still having off and on mild days in the 40s so not much snow yet this year.