Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Well its almost middle of February

Here we go I have not kept up with mhy blogging as I hoped I would.  I am not sure why maybe cause I dont have a life so not much to write about.  Hmmm.  Need to do something about that for sure.

Its a cold and snow flurry kinda day.  Need to concentrate on paying bills today as well as working on a jewelry piece that I am currently making.  Its a bit boring so my interest isnt in it.  I think perhaps I will start another project and then go back and forth between the two that way it will be less boring and perhaps i will finish it at a faster clip.

I have been emailing a gentleman who sounds fascinating.  Of course I will take my time to get to know him prior to meeting up.  Plus he doesnt live in town so that might be a plus right now.  Not sure what I want except maybe someone to have fun with right now.  Im not looking to be married again.  1st marriage was bad, second one was great but I dont think I can find anyone that would take his place even with him gone.  Besides at times I enjoy being able to do something when I want and with whom I want.  But I still miss him so very much and always will.

2 new bracelets that I have recently made.