Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hungarian Kiffle, Cream Cheese Cookies, & Nut Crescents

Here are my Hungarian Pastries. To the left in the picture as you looking at it is Hungarian Nut Crescents, in the middle is Cream Cheese pastries and on the right are the Kiffle. I baked 6 dozen cream cheese pastries today. All together I baked 13 dozen Kiffle. And only 6 dozen of the Nut Crescents. This is along with 17 loaves of Amish Bread. That was my holiday baking for gifts this year. Grandsons 5 teachers, assorted friends, grandsons therapist, and of course some of these will go to my mother. I will need to make a batch of Amish sugar cookies for us, I always make Spritz cookies for us every year as well and of course I will need to make some more kiffle as they are my husbands favorite.

These are the same cookies just a farther away shot with my Santa Tart Burner and my new yankee candle called Home Sweet Home scent.

So those are my speciality pastries that I make and I love to make them. I only wish I had more reasons ot make them throughout the year.

I am going to try a new recipe for Hungarian Coffee Cake which sounds delicious. I believe that I will make it for christmas morning. My husband remembers it from his childhood when my mother in law use to make it. I will see how that goes.