Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Dyeing Projects

Ok here are the two newest dyeing projects. I am not liking them very much so I think that I will redo them. The goldish one with the red is the one that I really do not like. The gold turned out awesome and when I went to spritz the red on it the spray bottle developed a hole and well I got red spots not exactly what I had envisoned.

The bluish one I thought I had the green dye and guess what it wasn't it was blue. I wanted to sponge on the yellow on dark green and I tried the yellow ont he blue and it didn't show up. So I found a dark purple and spritz that with a spray bottle that didn't have a hole in it but I am not sure I like that either. I think that I will end up redyeing all of it. What you have in your mind doesn't always come out right on the fabric. I need some comments let me know if you like or dislike them. Maybe I need an something different to make the patterns. By the way the sponges didn't work well at all. Next time I am going to purchase some resistor to put ont he fabric where I do not want one color and want a second. I think you can wash the resistor out so that you can place a second color in the spots or areas. Then you have to put the resistor on the dyed parts to keep the colors from coming together. Well anyway here they are: