Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stash Acquistion 1-31-09

Here are the pictures of what I bought yesterday at Stitches N Things. I found a Bistro Chart to do for my Kitchen. I am trying to decorate with Fat Chefs and this pattern fits right in with a few things I got prior to loosing my job.

Next we have Two Lizzie Kats Love My Dog and Tis the Season. Last but not least is The Trilogy WitchyWitchy Broomhilda and the cute little bird charm for her hand.

Now we have Fire Flower by Needlemainia and some DMC 4124 to stitch it with since the store doesn't carry the DMC 51. Come to think of it I am not sure any store carries that anymore. I know that Michaels and Joanns doesn't. I wish I could find the red and orange colors in some overdyed that is shown in the picture. It seems to have some gold in there as well.
Next is The Min Min by Dinky-Dyes and the store was out of the two numbers that the pattern called for. It said to use Dinky Dyes #'s 138 and 139. I picked up the purplish blues that is on top of the pattern #01127 by Thread Worx. I have never used that brand before so it will be new to me. Maybe I will look around for some of the Dinky Dyes colors to see exactly what they are prior to startting the pattern. So no stash diet for me but I am well on my way to building up my threads, patterns and cloth again.
Today I am experiementing with dyeing some 30 ct linen it will be a base color of sunflower yellow and I think I will use some rubber bands to make the marbled effect and then spritz some very vibrant tulip red on it. So we will see how it works out.